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Skicraft - Ski Boat & Wake Boat Design Excellence in Aust Since 1969

Company History

Skicraft has been established since 19th May, 1969 and have been producing ski boats from their Bayswater factory for over 30 years. Located in the south-east of Melbourne, Australia, their first boat was a fibreglass clinker hull designed by David Gill.

Skicraft then led out with the development of the v-hull at a time when other ski boat manufacturers were still producing clinker boats. Skicraft produced the first through-hull hiller box when the industry was using quadrants.

Today the development continues, fuelled by an enthusiastic management, labour and distributor team – it's no wonder that Skicraft is such a tough competitor in the industry!

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Business Methodology

Over 30 years of experimental projects and ski racing has gone into the development of Skicraft's unique technology.

The technology has proven to be very competitive against imported technology and is protected by patents in Australia and the U.S.A. Characteristics of this technology are a much smoother ride with very little bow lift, and good solid reliable turning.

Skicraft boats have many exclusive refinements such as noise reduction systems in the hull and engine box.

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Company Strategy

Skicraft's strategy is to develop world class ski boat manufacturing technology and thereby produce boats equal to or better than their international competitors for local and international markets.

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